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Genuine Yasmin (ethinylestradiol and drospirenone)

Yasmin is the most popular combined contraceptive pill owing to its unique quality of reduced risk of weight gain. It not only prevents unplanned pregnancy but also improves the appearance of your skin and hair. Read below to learn more about this pill.

What is Yasmin?

Yasmin is the most commonly used combination pill which helps in preventing unplanned pregnancy. It consists of synthetic versions of female sex hormones, oestrogen and progestogen. This pill has proved to be almost 100% effective in helping you to prevent conception. It is popular amongst women as it does not cause weight again, unlike other contraceptive pills. If you are prescribed Yasmin then you need to take one pill every day for 21 days in a row, after which there will be a break of seven days during which you do not take any pill.

What are the benefits of the pill?

This pill is one of the most widely used contraceptive pills as it not only protects you from pregnancy, but also improves the appearance of your skin and hair. It also helps to prevent acne and regulate your menstrual cycle to reduce pain during periods. It works in three unique ways to prevent pregnancy. It starts with tricking the body to believe that ovulation has occurred so that ovulation is prevented and the release of egg from the ovaries is stopped. Then it makes the mucus of the cervix viscous so that it becomes difficult for a sperm to penetrate the womb and enter. Finally, it alters the womb lining in such a way that no fertilised egg is able to attach itself and grow there.

Who can take Yasmin?

Yasmin pills are suitable for every woman who is above 18 years of age who is looking for an effective contraceptive method. However, there are certain health complications which make it unsuitable for some women. You should discuss openly with your doctor during your consultation. This medication should not be taken if you are already pregnant or breastfeeding. It may not be safe to use this contraceptive if you are suffering from circulation problems, abnormal vaginal bleeding, have heart, kidney or liver disease, suffering from high blood pressure or if you are above 35 years of age and a regular smoker.

How do you take Yasmin?

Yasmin pills provide you with immediate protection from pregnancy if the first is taken on the first day of your period. If you forget to take it on the first day, then it can be taken up to fifth day of your period but you will have to use an extra barrier for the next seven days. Yasmin should be taken for 21 days of your menstrual cycle, followed by a break of seven days. During the break of seven days you would not need any additional contraception method as you would be completely protected. You may also experience a withdrawal bleed in this seven days. This will not be your normal period but your body removing the artificial oestrogen and progestogen naturally.

What are the side effects?

Yasmin pill is widely accepted as it does not cause many side effects. However, you may experience some of the mild effects which will disappear as the body gets used to the ingredients of the pill. Some of the common side effects are headache, nausea, abdominal pain, menstrual changes, breast tenderness, mood swings and spotting between periods. If any of the side effects persists for a long time then consult your doctor.

Where and how can I buy Yasmin online?

Yasmin can be purchased very safely from any of the registered online clinics. The online clinics offer you a free and confidential online consultation with licensed doctors to make sure the contraceptive pill is best suited to your body. Your ordered medication will be dispatched at your doorstep without disclosing your personal details.