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Safety measure to buy prescription medicine from an online clinic?

Brace yourself from the risks of counterfeit medications

The yearly sell of counterfeit medications in the European nations is increasing rapidly. A recent report from the Guardian has specified that the UK is one of the greatest hubs of counterfeit medications and manufacturers of these medications are using goodwill of the popular medications to flourish their business. Moreover, they further attract customers’ attention by offering them with easy ways to receive the medications, such as no requirement of a valid prescription and significantly lesser cost than the original ones. It can be expected that Ireland will also notice a similar increase in these kinds of sales.

The health authorities of the UK, such as the MHRA or the NHS, have repeatedly warned people about potentially harmful side effects of the counterfeit or fake medications. If you are searching for the correct directives that can save you from differentiating between a Genuine and a counterfeit medication selling source then the following points may help you:

  • Before making your payment always check the registration number of the online source and the body of governance that has licensed the source to do business. If you don’t find specifications regarding these aspects, then its better that you don’t make any deal with them.
  • It is good if the online source of your choice asks you to submit a valid prescription from a registered physician. Be assured that any source that doesn’t ask for a valid prescription from you is a fake or counterfeit medication selling one.
  • It is your right to receive a free online consultation before you purchase a medication from an authentic online source. Any online pharmacy that refuses to provide you with this service is a fake and dealing with them may lead to waste of both your money and physical well-being.