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Non-specific Urethritis

What is Non-specific Urethritis?

Non-specific Urethritis is a sexually transmitted infection which is commonly spread by chlamydia. It occurs in both men and women, but is more common in men. One of the prime reasons of this infection is damage to the urethra as a result of vigorous sexual intercourse. It is called ‘non-specific’ as the exact cause of this infection is not known. If it is not treated, men can develop inflammation of the testicles which can further cause infertility. It is difficult to diagnose this infection because of a lack of obvious symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

The early symptoms are different in both men and women. However, these symptoms are so mild that they are overlooked by the majority of people. In men, it can cause a burning or painful sensation during urination. You may also notice a white or cloudy discharge when you urinate. The sex organ becomes red or inflamed and you feel an increased urge to urinate. Women generally do not experience any symptoms until the bacteria starts infecting the womb, fallopian tubes or urethra. The most common symptoms are abnormal vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, stomach pain, vomiting, bleeding after sex or a high temperature.

What causes it?

Non-specific Urethritis is a clear result of having unprotected vaginal, oral and anal sex with an infected partner. It is also referred to as non-gonococcal urethritis. When you have unprotected sexual intercourse, this infection can pass into your urethra resulting in non-specific urethritis. In the majority of the cases, it is caused due to chlamydia. Some of the organisms which are responsible for this infection are human papilloma virus causing genital warts; the herpes simplex virus causing genital herpes; and trichomonas vaginalis causing trichomoniasis. Sometimes, vigorous sex and masturbation can also be linked to the cause of this infection.

Is it dangerous?

This bacterial infection has the potential to cause long lasting damage to testicles and cervix. As a result, it can cause infertility in both and women if it is not treated on time. Women can develop severe pelvic inflammatory disease, thinning of cervical mucus, blockage in the fallopian tubes and ectopic pregnancy. In case of men, they may develop infection and inflammation of testicles. In some extreme cases, it can also cause reactive arthritis or Reiter's Syndrome which can lead to joint pain.

What non-specific urethritis treatments are available?

Non-specific Urethritis can be easily treated with the help of antibiotics. Azithromycin and Doxycycline are two of the most effective medications available which can treat non-specific urethritis. Azithromycin is single dose antibiotic, while Doxycycline is a low dosage treatment which is prescribed for seven days. Azithromycin prevents the bacteria’s ability to spread so that they are easily killed by the immune system. Doxycycline, on the other hand, weakens the bacterial cell due to which they are easily disposed.

Are these non-specific urethritis treatments available online?

If you have been detected with non-specific urethritis, you can buy your medication online after an online consultation with a licensed doctor. The prescription will be issued and the suitable medication will be dispatched at your doorstep.