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Genuine Micronor (norethisterone)

What is Micronor?

Micronor is a low dose oral contraceptive which is also known as a ‘mini-pill’ or progestogen-only pill. This is a better option for women who have a low tolerance level for oestrogen hormones, who are regular smokers, have a history of heart disease, are at risk of developing blood clots or are over 35 years. The absence of oestrogen does not affect its effectiveness as a contraceptive pill. This medication is almost 100% effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy. This medication contains only the synthetic form of progestogen called norethisterone.

How does it work?

Since Micronor does not contain oestrogen, it cannot prevent the process of ovulation, unlike other combined contraceptive pills. Micronor works in two ways to stop you from getting pregnant. It works by making the cervical mucus more viscous due to which a sperm is prevented from entering the womb. It also causes the thinning of the womb lining so that a fertilised egg cannot attach itself and grow there. This is how conception is prevented by this contraceptive pill.

Who can take Micronor?

Micronor is available for every woman who is above 18 years of age. However, there are some health conditions which can prevent you from using this medication. You should avoid this treatment if you have health complications such as migraines, diabetes, have or have had cancer in the past, liver disease, heart problems or unexplained vaginal bleeding. This contraceptive should also not be used if you are already pregnant. If you have any other health conditions then do not forget to mention it in your consultation with a doctor. It helps the doctor to ensure that the treatment is safe and suitable for your body.

How do you take it?

Unlike combined contraceptive pills, the mini-pill is taken for the complete 28 days of your menstrual cycle. There is no break of seven days in between. You get immediate protection from pregnancy if you start taking Micronor on the first day of your period. If you are unable to do so, you can start to take it up until the fifth day of your period. However, you will have to use an extra barrier like condom for the next seven days as it takes seven days to become effective. To maintain the effectiveness of the pill you should take the pills at the same time every day. If you forget to take pill any day then consult your doctor immediately.

Are there any side effects?

Micronor is a well-tolerated pill and therefore it is suggested to women who are sensitive to combined contraceptive pills. However, it may cause some side effects in some cases which get milder with time. Some of the common side effects are changes in sex drive, nausea, migraine, weight gain, changes in menstrual pattern and sometimes even skin problems. These side effects disappear gradually as your body gets adapted to the new hormones.

Can you buy it online?

This contraceptive pill is available to you online from any of the registered online pharmaceuticals after completing a quick and confidential online consultation with a licensed doctor. If the doctor approves the medication for you, a prescription is provided. Your ordered medication will reach your doorstep within few days. The online consultation is an important step and should not be missed.