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Genuine Marvelon (ethinylestradiol and desogestrel)

What is Marvelon?

Marvelon, also known as ‘the pill’, is capable of providing user with almost 100% protection from the chances of unplanned conception. Among the leading combined oral contraceptive pills dominating the Irish market, Marvelon is often considered as a safer choice due to its not-so-strong medicinal properties yet equally effective protection. Continuous use of the medications like Yasmin, Dianette or Ovranette over a period of 2 years may cause certain physical complications for few women but it has been found that apart from some common side effects Marvelon is completely safe to use for a longer stretch of time. The active ingredients of this pill are synthetic ethinylestradiol (oestrogen) and desogestrel (progestogen).

What are the benefits of Marvelon?

The proper administration of Marvelon not only helps you to remain protected from the risk of unwanted pregnancy but also it helps you to remain relieved from menstrual cramps and other painful situations. This medication helps women with irregular menstrual problems to enjoy a more regulated and lighter period. It has further been found from clinical studies that proper usage of Marvelon also helps to reduce the risks associated with ovarian and endometrial cancer.

How do Marvelon pills work?

Naturally the level of two hormones that your body produces, oestrogen and progestogen, keep changing throughout your menstrual cycle. This changing of hormonal level has a very significant role to play when it comes to controlling the system of conception. The artificial oestrogen and progestogen that enter your physical system through Marvelon increase the hormonal level in your blood and trick your physical system to believe that ovulation has already occurred. They also make the ovarian fluid thick at the neck of this organ so that sperm cannot enter even if an egg is fertilised by accident, these hormones stop it from growing on the ovarian wall by changing and thinning the womb lining.

Who can use Marvelon?

Any woman who is more than 18 years old and is in good physical condition is fit to use this combined oral contraceptive pill. However, it is not safe to take this birth control pill if she is pregnant or at the stage of breastfeeding. Generally, women sensitive to synthetic oestrogen find it hard to take combined contraceptive pills but the presence of oestrogen with lower dosage makes it safer for them also to take this pill, in certain cases. However, your physician may decline to prescribe you with this medication if you have serious cardiac complications or a previous history of blood clotting in the arteries.

How do you take Marvelon?

It is easy to take Marvelon as it comes in marked packets, narrating the entire process of taking this medication clearly. The recommended way to take this medication is to start it on the first day of your menstrual cycle and then you continue taking it for next 21 days without interruption, around the same time. Once these 21 pills are taken you need to take a 7 days pill free period before you start with your next course exactly in the same way.

What are the side effects of Marvelon?

The side effects of Marvelon are generally caused due to the non-habituation of your physical system with the chemicals ingredients of the medication. However, the minor complications caused by this medication – headache, upset stomach, mood swings and breast tenderness – are momentary and stop occurring within few days.

Can you buy Marvelon online?

It is easy to buy Marvelon online from the leading online pharmacies of Europe. You need to get registered with any one of these online healthcare service providing companies and take a short online consultation before you place your order. It will help you to find out whether this oral contraceptive will suit you or not. Generally these Genuine medication selling companies make sure that you receive your order overnight right at your address.