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Genuine Levitra Vardenafil

What is Levitra?

The discovery of Levitra as the second oral impotence treatment prescription medication (the first being Viagra) definitely added color to the scenario; consequently, it also helped many people, who found Viagra unsuitable for them, to restore their sex lives. The introduction of Viagra in 1999, if has revolutionized the field of prescription impotence treatment, Levitra in 2003 made the avenue to treat impotence more flexible. This medication contains vardenafil as its basic component. As a PDE-5 inhibitor this chemical is extremely powerful and a small strength of it is capable of providing a person with desired results. Moreover, this unique feature of Levitra makes it relatively safer for administration among those, who cannot take Viagra due to different types of health conditions.

What benefits can I expect with Levitra?

Compared to other impotence treatment medications Levitra is advantageous in many aspects. Medications like Viagra and Cialis have proved to be less effective if taken with or immediately after a meal. Levitra, on the other hand, has been found to be equally effective with or without food, expect what you consume doesn’t contain too much of fat. In addition, Levitra starts working within 20 minutes from the time of its consumption while others take at least an hour before they kick in. Levitra also helps a person to maintain an erection for 5 hours maximum, depending on strength of the medication and physical condition of the person, taking it. Moreover, vardenafil (Levitra) has been found to be highly successful in helping a person with diabetes or cancer, while medications other oral anti-impotence medications have failed in this context.

How does Levitra work?

Levitra or any other impotence treatment medication cannot help a person to get an erection by increasing his libido; it only works when a person is sexually stimulated. The signals of sexual stimulation are sent to the penile nerves from brain through the central nervous system. It helps in the production of nitric oxide that in consequence produces an enzyme, cGMP. This enzyme relaxes smooth muscles on the interior wall of the penile arteries and encourages sufficient blood flow in the penis so that a person can get an erection due to the blood pressure. Vardenafil, the basic composition of Levitra, restricts PDE-5, another enzyme that nullifies the actions of cGMP and ends an erectile cycle, stops PDE-5 from secreting and allows cGMP to continue relaxing the muscles on arterial walls. As long as components of Levitra remain active within the physical system of a person with erectile dysfunction, he doesn’t face any problem to get an erection, every time he is sexually excited.

Who can take Levitra?

Being a prescription medication to treat erectile dysfunction, Levitra should be taken only by men above 18 years old. However, determination of the fact whether a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction or not, should be done by a registered physician. He must also determine whether a person willing to take this medication can endure its medicinal properties and to which extent it can be tolerated. If it is found that a person with erectile dysfunction is allergic to vardenafil or any other component of Levitra then he should never be prescribed with this medication.

How to take Levitra?

The recommended way to take Levitra is to consume a single pill of the prescribed strength with water at least 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The traditional Levitra pills function only when they are digested. However, the new version of Levitra, launched under the brand name Staxyn, is orally dissolvable. It is absorbed in your blood streams from the blood vessels of your mouth and start working almost immediately.

Are there any side effects?

The side effects of Levitra are not very different from other anti-impotence medications, used for oral administration. A new consumer of Levitra may encounter problems like:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • stomach upset
  • muscle ache
  • running or congested nose
  • blurred vision

Once your physical system gets habituated to vardenafil, these problems would stop occurring automatically.

How to buy Levitra online?

The most convenient way to buy Levitra online is to contact the leading online pharmaceuticals of the UK. After adequate comparison you may choose the one that you feel to be most convenient for you and order your course after a short online consultation. It will help the medical team of the pharmaceutical to have a comprehensive understanding of your physical condition and they will decide the right dosage of Levitra for you. Afterwards you are free to order your course from a dr clinic and it will be delivered safely at your address.