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What is Impotence?

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a common problem concerning male sexual heath. It is characterized by the inability of males to achieve an erection or to maintain it till the completion of a successful sexual intercourse. Unlike the movement of other organs of a person’s physical system, an erection has no connection with muscle movement. A penis contains two cigar shaped structures, known as corpora cavernosa. An erection occurs only when adequate blood flow in the penis fills up these two structures. The blood pressure generated in this region stiffens the corpora cavernosa and a person gets an erection. A patient with erectile dysfunction or impotence fails to get an erection or maintains it only for brief time periods due to insufficient blood flow. Several scientific studies have clearly shown that all males face impotence at any stage of their lives but if it is not attended with adequate medical care, the risk of permanent impotency looms large. The studies have further shown that compared to young people (20 to 40 years), the rate of impotence is quite high among people over their 40s. Impotence can be caused by both physical and psychological factors. An important reason that experts provide special importance on impotence treatment as it widens the scope for the diagnosis of underlying reasons.

What are the psychological causes of impotence?

The number of cases of impotence caused from psychological factors is increasing gradually with the progress of time. The experts have scientific evidences in support of the observation that change in lifestyle has impacted psychological standards of common people considerably; consequently the number of patients with erectile dysfunction caused by psychological reasons is increasing. The most common psychological problems, leading to impotence are stress, clinical depression, performance anxiety, unresolved sexual orientation, schizophrenia, substance abuse, personality disorder, panic syndrome, anxiety or other traits of the problems mentioned. These problems have an important role to play in reducing sex drive (libido) of male, leading to erectile dysfunction.

What are the physical causes of impotence?

It was conventionally thought that erectile dysfunction or impotence is caused due to reduced libido; consequently it led to the idea that impotence is primarily psychological. However, this notion was destroyed immediate with the daring effort from the famous American urologist, Dr. Giles Brindley, who before a scholarly gathering proved that due to phentolamine injection a person can get an instant erection. Later on, surveys proved that in 80% cases impotence is resulted due to physical problems. This finding opened up new dimensions in the field of impotence treatment and several physical causes were diagnosed to have contributed to cause erectile dysfunction. Generally, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cholesterol problems, renal dysfunction, blood sugar, liver sclerosis, addiction to smoking and drugs and surgery are considered to play the most important part in causing impotence.

What should I do if I think I am suffering from impotence?

If you find it difficult to get or maintain an erection till the completion of a successful sexual intercourse, you need to consult an expert urologist without much delay. Erectile difficulty can often appear as the symptom of blood pressure, cardiac problem, renal dysfunction or diabetes. Naturally, if you choose to leave this problem untreated you are actually putting your physical stability under risk. Your consultant will ask for a thorough physical check up, which will help you to find out the actual reason causing this problem. If the problem is psychological then you need to seek help from an eminent psychotherapist and undergo the counseling course as recommended. In case of physical factors causing this problem you will be prescribed to take medications like Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. However, determination of the strength of these medications and the manner of taking should exclusively be decided by your physician.

What prescription options are there for impotence treatment?

According to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) only two types of practitioners can write a prescription for impotence treatment medications, a) independent prescribers and b) supplementary prescribers. Depending on the nature of a prescription, it can said to be of two types – NHS prescription and private prescription. People having a NHS prescription avail certain facilities in terms of budgeting and renewal of the same, while users of private prescription do not fall under scope of these facilities.

Can I buy impotence treatment medication online?

Yes, due to advancement in the field of e-business, it has become easy to purchase an impotence treatment medication online. However, you need to make sure that the source you choose sells authentic medications, not generic ones. Once you find the right online pharmaceutical in the UK, you need to register yourself and simply need to submit your prescription to them to receive the delivery of your course. Otherwise you can simply undertake a short and free online consultation from them. The medical team will diagnose your case on the basis of given information and then you are free to order your requirement online. You can be assured that your medication will be delivered right at your address, safely.