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Genuine Femulen (etynodiol)

What is Femulen?

Femulen is quite a familiar name among users of mini pills or progestogen-only pills in the UK. Unlike the most popular type of hormonal birth control pills, known as the combined oral contraceptive pills, the mini pills like Femulen use only artificial progestogen hormone as their basic ingredient. The active ingredient in this pill is ethynodiol diacetate (0.5 milligrams), which in terms of chemical property is almost similar to the natural progestogen. If taken properly, this birth control pill is capable of providing you with an equally effective protection as that of the combined contraceptive pills. However, in terms of administration Femulen and any other combined oral contraceptive differ from each other.

What are the benefits?

Femulen is most suitable for elderly women, who are above 35 years of age, sensitive to synthetic oestrogen in their physical system, smoking regularly or at the stage of breastfeeding. The strong chemical properties of combined oral contraceptive pills don’t match the physical condition of women with these problems. Mini pills like Femulen have facilitated women with the above mentioned complications to continue with their normal life without fearing the consequences of unwanted pregnancy due to unprotected sexual intercourse or contraceptive accident. Moreover, women who have a past history of heart diseases or blood clotting have also been found to use this medication safely and remain free from the risk of unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.

How does it work?

Femulen, being a mini pill or progestogen-only pill, works differently than combined oral contraceptive pills. Due to the absence of oestrogen it cannot stop ovulation but it stops sperms from fertilising an egg by changing the condition of fluids within the womb. The fluid at the neck of womb, cervical mucous, becomes so thick that it doesn’t allow sperms to pass through to penetrate an egg. Ethynodiol diacetate, the basic ingredient of Femulen, also helps in the thinning of the womb lining that doesn’t allow an egg to attach and nourish itself on the uterine wall.

Who can take it?

Femulen can be used by any woman who is over 18 years and not pregnant as an effective hormonal birth control method. However, it has been found through market study that most women over 30 or 35 years prefer to use this mini pill for birth control. However, women, who are suffering from breast, vaginal or womb cancer, serious liver problem or some disease of the blood cells, may experience serious physical complications after taking this pill. If you are regularly taking medications for epilepsy, arthritis, tuberculosis and antibiotics then don’t forget to mention name of the medications to your physician as it has been found that some drugs treating these conditions may reduce effectiveness of Femulen pills.

How do you take it?

A user of Femulen needs to make sure that she takes the medication for 28 days continuously around the same time. The Femulen pills are equally effective whether they are taken with or without food. It is always better that you start the course from the first day of your menstrual cycle. In case you start taking this medication in between periods, always make sure to use additional contraceptive methods during the first week.

Are there any side effects?

The common side effects of Femulen while your physical system starts getting habituated to the medication may include skin rashes, nausea, breast softness, migraine, mood swings and slight weight gain.

How can I buy Femulen online?

You can buy Femulen online from any leading online pharmacy of the UK and Europe. You simply need to get yourself registered with the online pharmacy and then take a free online consultation that will help the professionals to diagnose your case. If you are found to be physically fit to take Femulen your order will be dispatched for overnight delivery.