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Genuine Femodette (ethinylestradiol and gestodene)

What is Femodette?

Femodette is an advanced combined oral contraceptive pill that provides sexually active women with the opportunity to enjoy their sex lives, minus the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Most of the popular brands of contraceptive pills, according to recent clinical studies, aren’t safe to be used for a prolonged time period as they increase the chances of serious physical complications as well as the side effects. According to the pharmacology of the combined contraceptive pills the strength of synthetic oestrogen used in these pills determines their respective strength. Femodette pills, compared to the popular brands, contain a lower dosage of both synthetic oestrogen and progestogen and keeps the users safe from side effects, apart from protecting them from the risks of unwanted pregnancy.

What are the benefits of Femodette?

Like Femodene, Femodette is also a third generation combined oral contraceptive pill. Despite the fact that this medication contains lower dosages of both synthetic oestrogen and progestogen, it is capable of providing equally effective protection against the risks of unplanned pregnancy as those medications that contain higher dosages of these hormones. An important feature of Femodette is that apart from less strong oestrogen it also contains gestodene, which is a more advanced form of synthetic progestogen. Combined effect of these two hormones apart from providing almost complete protection from unplanned conception also helps users to recover from skin diseases, excessive hair growth on face, polycystic ovary syndrome and lessening the pain of dysmenorrhea or painful periods.

How does it work?

The synthetic oestrogen and progestogen that function as the active ingredients of Femodette actually mimic the actions of natural hormones that the physical system of every woman produces to control the reproductive process. The level of these two hormones keeps changing in a woman’s body throughout the menstrual cycle. Regular usage of Femodette pills increases the level of oestrogen and progestogen in your blood and gives you threefold protection from the risk of unwanted conception:

  • Synthetic oestrogen: Stops ovulation by making your physical system believe that it has already occurred. As the release of eggs is stopped the chances of becoming pregnant reduces considerably.
  • Synthetic progestogen:
    • Increases density of cervix fluid and stop sperm from entering the womb.
    • Helps in the thinning of womb lining and discourages an impregnated egg from sheltering on the ovarian walls. 

Who can take this medication?

Any woman above 18 years may take this medication provided she is not pregnant or breastfeeding. If she is suffering or has suffered from blood pressure problems, heart diseases, blood cell disorders or cancer then a physician may not prescribe this pill. Patients of severe psychological disorders, diabetes and jaundice may also find this birth control pill difficult to tolerate in their physical systems. Women with chronic smoking addiction and sensitivity to synthetic oestrogen may also find this pill difficult to ingest.

How do you take it?

This birth control pill needs to be taken for the first three weeks of your menstrual cycle, followed by a week-long pill free period. If you take Femodette properly then in the fourth week of your menstrual cycle you will experience a withdrawal bleed. This contraceptive is most effective if taken from day one of your menstrual cycle and around the same time every day.

Are there any side effects?

The side effects of Femodette are nausea, indigestion, headache, vaginal thrush and changes in your body weight. However, these problems stop occurring as soon as your body gets habituated to synthetic hormones that pills of this medication deliver in your physical system.

How do I buy Femodette online?

You can buy Femodette online quite easily by filling in certain formal steps. First you need to find out an authentic medication selling online pharmacy in the UK and then get yourself registered with it. You next step would be to take a short online consultation, which is free of cost, with the medical team of the organisation. It determines whether you are physically capable to take Femodette or not. If you are found to be eligible then you are free to order your course and it will be delivered right to your contact address overnight.