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Genuine Condyline solution (podophyllotoxin)

What is Condyline?

Condyline was one of the earliest treatments to be approved to use against the genital warts infection. This infection is quite common among sexually active men and women in Ireland and doesn’t amount to life threatening complications. However, symptoms of this sexually transmitted infection can be painful and highly contagious as well. The highly effective chemical composition of Condyline uses podophyllotoxin as its basic ingredient. This medication has been extracted from the roots of a plant, Podophyllum, of Indian origin. Though the genital warts infection is most common among young, sexually active males/females, it is not rare to find examples that older people are also bearing strains of the infection. Condyline has been proven to be an equally effective treatment in such cases too.

What are the benefits of Condyline?

The symptoms of genital warts that appear externally are most infectious. It has been found that in more than 60% cases these external outbreaks transfer germs of this disease to another person through a single unprotected sexual contact. Condyline is easy to apply on these external symptoms and it controls their contagiousness easily within a short period of time – within the first three days from the day of applications. Proper administration of this solution clears up the symptoms of genital warts within 4 weeks, completely. It not only relieves a person from undertaking the hazardous surgical methods like cryotherapy and electrocautery but also provides him/her with the complete discretion to take control of the treatment process without consulting a physician on a regular basis.

How do Condyline pills work?

The Condyline solution is a non-evasive treatment method for genital herpes infection and because of this it doesn’t cause any pain or irritation at the region of application. However, the medicinal properties of this solution reach the nucleus of the wart and control its cell division and growth by attacking it. The capacity of this medication weakens the warts and gradually kills them, resulting in the birth of new cells that also clears symptoms of the genital warts completely.

Who can use Condyline?

The use of Condyline solution is strictly restricted for men and women over 18 years of age but you need to take suggestions from an expert whether this medication is suitable for your physical condition or not. Children and people below 18 years are completely forbidden from using this solution. Women who are pregnant or already breastfeeding are not eligible to use this medication and it goes the same for those who are allergic to podophyllotoxin.

How do you use Condyline?

It is simple to apply this solution on the warts. Clearly wash your hands before you start using this medication and then take a tiny amount of it in your hands for gently rubbing it on the external warts. After application, the solution will create a very fine layer on the infected area. This thin medicine coat plays a very important role in supplying medicinal properties of this solution to the nucleus of the warts.

What are the side effects of Condyline?

The Condyline solution is very safe to use and generally people don’t experience any side effects. However, if you are allergic to any ingredient of this medication then your lips or face may swell, rashes may appear on your skin and you may feel like falling short of breath.

Can you buy Condyline online?

You can buy Condyline online from any of the leading and Genuine medication selling online pharmacy of Europe. This medication is generally delivered safely to your personal address overnight.