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Genuine Cilest (ethinylestradiol and norgestimate)

What is Cilest?

Among the expansive range of combined oral contraceptive pills of the UK, also known as the pill, a leading name is Cilest. Since its launch in March 2007, this combined oral contraceptive has become one of the most frequently chosen medications by women across the country in the age bracket of 20 to 40. Though it is often suggested that women over 35 may not find combined birth control pills suitable, the state-of-the-art composition of the medication makes it safe also for older women to use. However, it is important that a user is healthy, freed from serious physical conditions like heart diseases, blood clot problem or tumour and she isn’t addicted to smoking.

What are the benefits of Cilest?

The basic composition of every Cilest pill contains two artificial female sex hormones, oestrogen (ethinylestradiol- 35 micrograms) and progestogen (norgestimate-0.25 milligrams). Proper administration of this medication increases the level of these two hormones in your body. Together these hormones trick your organic system to believe that ovulation has occurred already and it stops the release of eggs from the ovaries. Moreover, they increase density of the vaginal fluid and thin the womb linings compared to their original form. In case egg production doesn’t stop, thick vaginal fluid stops sperms from fertilising an egg. Even if fertilisation occurs, the thin womb lining doesn’t allow a fertilised egg to attach itself with the womb wall and grow. In addition, women with irregular and painful period problem find this pill extremely effective as it relieves them from these problems by regulating periods and lessening pain.

Who can take Cilest?

Women under the age group of 20 to 40 years are reported to have extremely satisfactory results with Cilest usage. According to the MHRA data, every year less than one of every 100 Cilest users become pregnant due to contraceptive failure. However, if you are already pregnant or suspecting to have conceived should not take this pill. In case you had a heart attack, stroke, blood clot problem or angina within last 3 to 6 months, you should opt for this pill after being prescribed by your physician only. Patients of hepatitis, liver or cervical cancer and past history of breast cancer shouldn’t take the risk of using Cilest or any other combined contraceptive pill.

How do you take Cilest contraceptive pills?

The recommended way of taking Cilest pills is no different from other combined birth control pills. Your may receive the best protection from the risk of unwanted pregnancy if you start taking this pill from the first day of your menstrual cycle and continue with one pill every day for 21 days without breaking the chain. It is even better if you manage to take daily dosages around the same time. Your task has been made simple further by the manufacturers as your monthly course of Cilest comes in a properly marked packet. Once you are done with your 21 day course, maintain a pill free week before you start your next course. There is no reason to worry about the risk of unwanted pregnancy during these seven pill-free days. The effective protection of Cilest will keep you safe from conceiving.

Will I experience side effects?

The common side effects of Cilest contraceptive pill use include headache, nausea, lack of sex drive, mood fluctuation and breast tenderness. However, these problems are found to continue till your physical system gets habituated to the artificial hormones. It is, generally, a matter of couple of days that you will face these complications and then they will stop bothering you automatically.

How can you buy Cilest pills online?

The easiest way to buy Cilest online is to find the Genuine online pharmacies of the UK and get yourself registered with the one that suits your demands the best. Afterwards take a short, online consultation with the team of professionals working with the organization. Depending on the information you provide, they will help you to find out whether you are eligible to use Cilest or not. If you case is cleared then you are free to order your course of Cilest online.