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Genuine Binovum (ethinylestradiol and norethisterone)

What is Binovum?

Binovum is quite a recognised name among users of the modern combined oral contraceptive pills. The medicinal properties of the birth control pill stop you from becoming pregnant by alternating the natural hormonal balance of your physical system. Among all the new generation combined contraceptive pills, Binovum is considered as one of the safest options to remain free from the risk of unwanted pregnancy. This pill is not only capable of providing almost complete protection from the chances of unplanned conception but it changes the hormonal cycle in such a way that users also remain free from the possibilities to suffer from any physical hazard.

Does this contraceptive have any benefits?

If you are searching for combined oral contraceptive pills that will give you the best protection against the risks of unwanted pregnancy at the cost of minimum complications, then Binovum is definitely one of them. Being a biphasic pill, the dosage of synthetic oestrogen and progestogen used in this pill is lower than any other monophasic pill. Administering this birth control pill, thus, will help you to experience less side effects as a monophasic pill may have caused. You will also be relieved from the risks of being infected by genital infections, such as genital thrush.

How does it work?

Proper usage of Binovum protects a user from being pregnant in three ways. First, it stops sperm entering the womb by making the cervix fluid thicker. Synthetic oestrogen that this pill contains also stops production of eggs as it mimics the function of the natural hormone. It makes your physical system believe that there is no necessity for releasing eggs as ovulation has already occurred. Finally, by thinning the womb lining it disallows your physical system to implant a fertilised egg and allow it to grow.

Can I take Binovum?

If you are a woman above 18 years of age, not suffering from any type of serious physical complication and your average BMI is also normal, then you are fit to take Binovum. In addition, you shouldn’t hide to specify your physician, while he/she prescribes you with an oral contraceptive, if you suffered from any of the following physical conditions – angina or chest pain, heart valve disease, diabetes, cancer of the breast, ovary or vagina and jaundice. Using Binovum pills without considering these aspects may cause complications that are difficult to deal with.

How to take this contraceptive pill?

A biphasic pill like Binovum ensures better protection from unwanted pregnancy than any other monophasic pill. You need to take one of these pills every day for 21 days without interruption. After completion of this course you are required to take a week of pill free period during which you will experience a withdrawal bleeding that will dispel the womb lining. Even if you forget to take your pill you should take it as soon as you remember and continue in the same way. Binovum keeps you safe from the risk of unwanted pregnancy up to three pills. If you miss consequent three dosages you will be exposed to the risk of unwanted pregnancy and need to take additional contraceptive measures before you resume with your normal course.

Do these pills have any side effects?

The most common side effects of Binovum usage may include nausea, headache, water retention in physical system, sudden weight loss, vaginal thrush and lower libido.

How can I buy Binovum pills online?

Binovum contraceptive pills can be purchased from any online pharmacy of the UK that sells Genuine medication. You need to find a pharmacy that suits your requirement at the first place. After that you need to take a free online consultation with the medical team of the organisation to make sure that taking these pills won’t cause any problems. If your medical history doesn’t give the experts any indication of complications then you are free to place your order that is generally delivered right to your contact address overnight.